March 12, 2010


If you have read my latest comment on Facebook, you will appreciate this even more:

A few nights ago we had our first evening of thunderstorms for 2010. Reese is still scared of thunder and no matter how many times we say "angels are bowling" etc .... he is still terrified. He will follow me around and not get 5 feet away "just in case it will funder"..... Well, Kevin got back in town last night after being away for a few days and this was the conversation at dinner:

Reese: "Daddy did you have thunder and storms when you were in Columbia?"
Kevin: "Yes a little bit but I wasn't scared. Did you have some here?"
Reese nods in agreement
Kevin: "Were you brave? (again Reese nods in agreement)
Kevin "Did you sleep in your own bed?" after a very very long pause comes a very hesitant nod from Reese.......and he looks at me (because we all know he slept right next to me the whole night)
Kevin: "Are you sure you didn't sleep with Mommy?"
Reese: "Well I did sleep with Mommy but I wasn't scared....I was just saving your spot......."

We all had a good laugh at that one .......gotta love 'em.....

March 9, 2010

"Bestest Mommy"

No matter how busy your day was... no matter how stressed you get from the daily grind.... it is all irrelevant when you come home and your son comes and gives you a hug and says...."you're the bestest Mommy in the whole earth". Now that will melt your heart. I love my boys so much and they constantly put a smile on my matter what my day was like. Because at the end of the is just work. All be it work is important... but it doesn't hold a candle to my boys. They are my life. On my way back to work yesterday after dropping Reese off at preschool, I had to say a little prayer as I watched the Children's Mercy Life Flight helicopter land at our local hospital....that was someones son/daughter...I wanted to drive back and hug my children. I even asked Sheila to pray for that child when I got back to work...... are a few pics of the boys....Reese had a GREAT time at the MU/KU game....too bad his Missouri Tigers did not prevail.....