January 29, 2009

More of the boys...

As you can see from other pictures, Reese is very photogenic so when he wants to take pictures I jump at the opportunity. He wanted to take pics with his "baby brother" and he was all smiles. He is still so proud of his brother and that makes my heart smile...
Devin seems to be getting so big and he is not a "little boy" anymore. It does not seem possible that he is old enough to be involved in sports like this... From what I hear he is very good at wrestling... of course that is coming from HIM! I can't wait to see him at a wrestling meet soon.

January 27, 2009

Dirnberger Boys

Well... Meleah started this blog for me so I am trying it out... I am such a rookie when it comes to this stuff :)
We welcomed James Ryan into this world on 12.31.08. He had 2 very anxious and excited brothers waiting for him. Devin and Reese do a great job with him and are very proud. God has blessed our family with 3 healthy children and we are forever grateful.

January 24, 2009

James Ryan's First Photo Shoot

The other day Mimi took the boys into Springfield and had their pictures made for the first time. Reese is such a proud big brother. The pictures turned out beautifully. Jen will have to post more later. Enjoy!!!!

Jen's First Post

Hi everyone this is MeLeah! Well, now Jen has a blog so it will be up to her to finish it. Good luck Jen and have fun!!!!