February 9, 2011

Snow, Snow, Snow

The past few weeks have been absolutely CRAZY. We, as well as half the midwest, had a winter blizzard and record snowfall - all in a 24 hr period. We had 22 inches of snow on Groundhog day, had 2 more inches about 4 days later.......now a week to the day......3 more inches. I know those last numbers are not high, however on top of snow that NEVER melted.....it starts to add up. Reese has missed a total of 10 days this year due to snow. I told him he was going to forget his teacher's name! When the wind chill is not sub zero - Reese is enjoying playing outside. James on the other hand.....doesn't want anything to do with it....he likes it inside where it is warm! :) Smart kid.