February 19, 2010


So I had to add a few pictures of Reese today.
I recieved a flyer for Reese's Kindergarten Orientation yesterday.
I am in complete denial that my baby is starting school.
He is so unbelievably excited to start Kindergarten and talks about it everyday.
Sniff Sniff
Where has the time gone?

February 15, 2010

Keystone Ski Trip 2010

We were able to bring all 3 parts of our family together this past January and travel to Keystone CO for a "much needed" vacation for all. My mom worked very hard to organize all aspects of the trip...lift tickets, airfare, living arrangements, car rental, ski rental, and cooking plans. You have no idea how much planning goes into a ski trip until you have done it. My brother's family flew from their new home in Detroit and we all met in Denver. The week was a lot of fun and Reese started skiing for the first time ever! 3 days in ski school and he was a pro. He did great and was trying to do jumps before he even started down the mountain. Devin did a good job as well and became more and more comfortable on the greens as well as a few blues. Kevin did some snowboarding and did a great job until a fall landed him in the ER due to a concussion. He is fine now and ready to go back again....some people never learn....Anyhow, thank you to Mom and Dad for all your hard work in planning this family vacation...We had a great time and we love you very much.