December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Wow - this has to be the best time of the year.....period. I love love love the Christmas season and everything it brings. Yes it is busy but that is no different that any other time of year for this family. To say Reese is super excited for Christmas would be an understatement. He goes around the house singing Christmas carols, drawing Christmas trees and other various pictures, wants to bake "Christmas goodies" and so on and so on...... James seems excited too (probably just because Reese is) ha!. Our presents are wrapped, "Diego" our Elf of the Shelf has been visiting, and Santa is getting ready for his big appearance.

We spent the weekend with my parents and had a great "pre-Christmas time". We baked and shopped, and went to a show in Branson. We LOVE spending time with them and couldn't imagine doing anything else. James has learned to say "ho ho ho merry christmas"....the only part that you can understand is "ho ho ho" but it is cute nonetheless..... :)

We had the boys pictures taken a few weeks ago and if there was one stressful thing for this holiday season - I guess that would be it. But if that is all we have to worry about - we have it pretty good. Enjoy the children are growing way to fast.

Our family has truly been blessed this year with health, love, and happiness. Merry Christmas everyone!